Friday, June 7, 2013

It's almost official: I'm a sick fuck

I'm using gmail. They got this feature where they place ads relating to the content of the mails I received and sent.
Usually, that's rather boring, sometimes funny (like when I saw this ad for plus-size bras. There's a lot of things I need, but plus-size bras certainly isn't one of them. A thimble-sized cup will do nicely, thank you.)

So, usually I don't really care about those ads. But today. Oh boy, did I jump:
An ad for [URL=""][/URL], a company that sells insects as fodder. Crickets, hoppers, larvae, grubs, you name it.

No idea how Google got the impression that I might be interested in insects as food. But I guess it's time to face the truth: I'm a sicker fuck than I chose to believe.

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