Thursday, October 31, 2013

I want cock. Yes, cock it is and nothing else!

Panel from Blue Panels by Mel F.
So there was this evening recently when we chatted amongst women and somehow the topic shifted from whatever we were discussing at the time to blowjobs, namely what we consider important when we give head.

I said that the only thing I consider important is that I don't get any cum in my eyes, should he choose to cum on my face. Everything else, I don't really care, as long as we both enjoy it.

Then I sat back and listened and noticed that apparently the most important thing for many a woman is hygiene, i. e. a clean cock. For once I kept my mouth shut but made a mental note to further think about cocksucking and what I feel about it and on my way home I realized that I don't want a clean cock. I mean, I'm not into sucking a cock that hasn't seen water or soap for a week.

But I want cock that tastes and smells of cock. I don't want to lick and suck a cock that smells or tastes of limes, or peaches, or any other product of the fragrances industry. If I want lime, I'm gonna have me a Caipirinha, if I want peach, I wait till next summer.

If I'm sucking cock, I want to taste cock and I want to smell cock. And nothing else.