Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's a splotch of dark color, for f***'s sake!

Every once in a while I think the world is going nuts. It maybe is, but who I am to judge. Usually it's when reading something extra stupid in the newspaper, or hearing the news in the radio. But sometimes, the world's craziness hits me square in the face. Like, some weeks ago, with this cover for one of my books:
Help! She's got nipples!!!

It was rejected by Smashwords.com, due to the girl having nipples. The person who rejected it apparently thought this rejection was funny, too, and made a remark to the effect that yeah, it was quite crazy but, well, no nipspussycocks is their policy. 
They're not real nipples, though. I mean, yeah, of course they're not real nipples, but they're not even a picture of real nipples. They're just two splotches of dark brown on a skin-colored background. I just can't imagine that someone would be offended by two dark brown splotches on a skin-colored background.
But again: Who am I to judge?
Censorship was called for, and being the greedy book-selling whore I am, I had of course no problem with censoring Drew's non-nipples.
This time, Smashwords was happy. And so am I, although still shaking my head. 

By the way: The book can be found here. It's a good one. Inside it, it's got lots of uncensored nipples. And pussies and cocks, too.
Whew! The imminent danger of shocking
large parts of the world's 

population by showing them two 
dark brown non-nipples has been
narrowly avoided.
Someone should pat me on the back.